TitleStart Time
Reporting 9:00 AM
Introduction9:30 AM
Keynote “SharePoint: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”,Michael Noel and Joel Oleson9:00 AM
Tea Break10:15 AM
Session 1: “Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm” By Michael Noel 10:30 AM
Q&A and Break 11:30 AM
Session 2: “Preparing for Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Today" By Joel Oleson11:45 AM
Q&A12:45 PM

Session Abstract
Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm
by Michael Noel (Level : 300)
SharePoint 2007 has proven to be a technology that is remarkably easy to get running out of the box. On the flipside, however, some of the advanced configuration options with SharePoint are notoriously difficult to setup and configure, and a great deal of confusion exists regarding SharePoint best practice design, deployment, disaster recovery, and maintenance. This session covers best practices encompassing the most commonly asked questions regarding SharePoint infrastructure and design, and includes a broad range of critical but often overlooked items to consider when architecting a SharePoint environment. In short, all of the specifics required to build the ‘perfect’ SharePoint farm are presented through discussion of real-world SharePoint designs of all sizes.
  • Learn from previous real world deployments and avoid common mistakes.
  • Plan a checklist for architecture of SharePoint environments of any size.
  • Build the ‘perfect’ SharePoint farm for your organization.
Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm
by Michael Noel (Level : 300)
Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies have become a multi-billion dollar business and has achieved wide adoption in organizations across the world. From humble roots as a simple team sharing application, SharePoint has emerged as a powerful platform for document management, enterprise search, and collaboration. This session briefly covers the history of SharePoint Products and Technologies, from the ‘1.0/2001’ line of products to the current ‘3.0/2007’ products. Finally, this session will describe what is publicly known about the newest ‘2010’ version of SharePoint and how to plan for it.
  • Get an overview of the history of SharePoint Products and Technologies
  • Understand the key components of SharePoint and how it can be used to increase productivity and collaboration
  • Plan for SharePoint 2010, using information that is publicly known about the new version