PUG Monthly Meet - July 2011


Session 01: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
MVVM from Scratch using Silverlight  - by Kunal Chowdhury
Do you know about MVVM? Let's join this session and and learn in depth working with MVVM pattern using Silverlight. This will be a complete demo oriented session which will make your coding life easier by removing the code behind garbages.
Session 02: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tasks in Windows Phone – A Multitasking Primer – by Mayur Tendulkar
To help ensure a fast and responsive user experience and to optimize power consumption on the device, Windows Phone allows only one application to run in the foreground at a time. In Windows Phone 7 Codenamed "Mango", several features are introduced that allow an application to perform actions even when it is not the active foreground application. In this presentation we’re going to cover all the aspects of Tasks and Background Tasks in Windows Phone.
Session 03: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Parallel Programming – by Dhaval Faria
A parallel programming model is a concept that enables the expression of parallel programs which can be compiled and executed. The value of a programming model is usually judged on its generality: how well a range of different problems can be expressed and how well they execute on a range of different architectures. The implementation of a programming model can take several forms such as libraries invoked from traditional sequential languages, language extensions, or complete new execution models.


Kunal Chowdhury

Kunal Chowdhury

  Kunal is a Microsoft MVP in Silverlight, currently working as a Software Engineer at Varian Medical System, Pune. Apart from his regular office work, he spends a huge amount of time in   online communities. Writing articles, blogging, tweeting and answering to forums are some of his online activities. He is author of many articles on various .Net community sites. Some of his articles have been selected as "Articles of The Day" at http://windowsclient.net. He has been awarded as "Member of the Month" in various community forums. He shares all his new findings in his personal Blog at http://www.kunal-chowdhury.com. He also tweets. Follow him at http://twitter.com/kunal2383.

Mayur Tendulkar

Mayur Tendulkar

 Mayur Tendulkar is an Electrical Engineer by qualification and MAD (Mobile Application Developer) by passion, working in the areas of Mobile and Embedded devices. Mayur is experienced in Microsoft technologies like .NET Framework with Visual Studio, Windows Mobile Application development, ASP.NET Web Application development etc. He has spoken at various events like Pune User Group’s Developer Conferences, Microsoft Virtual TechDays and Microsoft Architect Days. He has delivered guest lectures at many colleges in India. Since 2006, for continuous contribution to the academic community, Microsoft awarded him, ‘Microsoft Student Partner’ (MSP) status. During this time, he represented student voice at Channel 8 (now its Microsoft Student Lounge) and conducted various events as a MSP. Currently he is volunteering as Pune User Group’s Mobile & Embedded - Special Interest Group (SIG) Lead. You can visit his site www.mayurtendulkar.com or read his blog at http://blog.mayurtendulkar.com and contact him at mayur.tendulkar@mayurtendulkar.com

Dhaval Faria

Dhaval Faria

 Dhaval Faria is Founder and Managing Director for Hirdhav Software Pvt. Ltd., Prior to working in his company, he worked as a freelancer. He has been a Microsoft MVP for 6 years He started his career with HTML and Visual Basic, and then he never stopped exploring more languages like x86 Assembly, BASIC, Java, .NET, etc… He has been in software industry for more than 7yrs as a non-professional and professional. He has executed projects in various languages like VB, Java, .NET, x86 Assembly, COBOL, LISP, JSP, Perl, PHP, CGI-BIN, C/C++, Foxpro, etc… and platforms like DOS, Windows, Linux, Third party Platforms. His main interest involves doing research and development on various new technologies, and exploring all Microsoft technologies which includes DirectX, GDI+, SAPI, TAPI, XNA, and many more… apart from programming field he also has interest in robotics, electronics, science, history, and many more things.

Date & Time

Saturday, 9th July 2011

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


MCCIA ‘s Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium
(Ground Floor)
MCCIA Trade Tower, A-Wing,
International Conventional Center,
403, Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune, 411 016,

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