Day: Saturday 30th August, Sunday 31st August 2008
Time: 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM


Welcome to INETA PUG DevCon 2008 - A unique Developer Conference.

PUG DevCon is like a boon for every developer in Pune. In DevCon, reputed speakers and trainers come on the stage and share thier knowledge. PUG DevCon provided not only interactive sessions, but also a medium for learning and sharing new technology, networking opportunities and much more. Due to this, PUG DevCon was always a successfull hit.

This is a consecutive fourth year of successfull PUG DevCon. This year, DevCon is not just about Technology and sharing gyan, but it is for fun and learn process. We're having quizzes (what is garbage collector? remember?), we have games (Darting? Bullz Eye!) and some key events in between the sessions. The best part for this is - topics and content for this DevCon is suggested by you. 2 Days, 6 Tracks, 8 Sessions Back2Back.

So, we're inviting masters of those technologies to talk on. Hence, you can expect - THE BEST content from guys - who either have created it OR mastered it.
So, Register Now. Registration is FREE. We're awaiting for your presence at DevCon 2008.