“The Microsoft Student Partner Program recognizes top young minds from around the world who are passionate about technology. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop real-world skills to help you succeed in your future career, to help others learn about the technology of today and tomorrow, and to connect with other like-minded students, all whilst having a ton of fun along the way. The program is our way of encouraging students who are interested in building a closer relationship with Microsoft, and those who are simply hooked on technology, to develop their skills further.

What is an Microsoft Student Partner?

The ‘ideal candidate’ for an MSP would be a passionate and enthusiast individual who wants to learn about new tools and technologies. You would need to have a whole range of skills including excellent time management, organization and communication skills to ensure that you could host a successful campus launch event. An MSP should be comfortable and confident presenting in front of large audiences of both students and faculty members. You may even be asked to present in front of your fellow MSP's at an event. General business and sales skills come in very handy in order to allow you to articulate your ideas effectively when presenting. MSP's are social able, friendly and approachable individuals who like to meet new people. You will require the ability work as a team as well as use your own initiative. In summary, MSP's are innovative and creative students who are extremely passionate about technology.

Why be an Microsoft Student Partner?

Being an MSP is a privileged and honored status for any student. In addition to the benefits listed above, the MSP Program is designed to help you get the most out of Microsoft tools and technologies, develop your skills and give you a head start in the ‘real world’ once you graduate and enter the IT industry. ”

Pune User Group

“Pune User Group (aka PUG, pronounced as pag) is a not-for-profit organization, A User Group supported by Microsoft Corporation, International .NET Association (INETA) and Culminis for technology enthusiasts. Here, at PUG, we provide a platform for people like you, to share their knowledge and valuable experience with rest of the world. Pune User Group was founded in early 2003 on occasion of first anniversary of “.NET” as an online forum. In late 2003 PUG started conducting physical meetings and training sessions for PUG members. PUG also organizes activities for student at college level. We have formed Campus Clubs in most of the engineering colleges, where PUG speakers explain the latest buzz in technology to the students. We also have a gang of Microsoft Student Partners who are highly passionate about technology and willing to share their knowledge with others. We also have separate chapters like PUGStudent – Pune User Group for students, where we organize events for students across the city, PUGITPro – Pune User Group for IT Pro, where we generally talk about IT related topics like servers, clients, networking, etc… and PUG-MED i.e. Pune User Group for Mobile and Embedded Devices. Along with monthly user group meetings PUG also organizes its annual event “INETA DevCon” where members can select the topics for the session through poll; this is a 2 day event with 2 separate tracks for students and professionals. PUG successfully organizing this event from year 2005. Last INETA DevCon 2007 got a huge response from the student and developer community of Pune total 1200 people were part of this event. PUG also celebrated the product launch events of various Microsoft product launch like Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Windows Vista, Office 2007 etc In year 2006 PUG student (student chapter of PUG) was awarded as best managed user group award from Microsoft. Log on to http://www.puneusergroup.org”