PUG-Microsoft Community Tech Days - 2/28/2009

10:45 AM
3:30 PM


You've been invited to join your Pune User group to discover the best techniques and practices for security on Microsoft technologies and platforms. At this half-day event, the focus will be the one topic that impacts all of us: securing your code. A number of guest speakers will join us to help us determine the best methods for keeping your applications safe, including employees from Microsoft!

 Safeguarding Your Applications: The Agenda

Fundamentals of Security: 40 Minutes
Common attack patterns, data classification, and security data in storage/in transit

Authentication: 40 Minutes
HTTP Basic/Digest/Kerberos, forms authentication, and .NET framework identities and principles

Authorization: 40 minutes
Common authorization techniques, principles of least privilege net role based security, and code access security

Input Handling: 120 Minutes
Cross-site scripting (XSS), persistent XSS, non-persistent XSS, SQL injection, one-click attacks, XML and XPATH injection, canonicalization issues, file upload/creation, and exception management

Logging & Auditing: 20 minutes

Q&A: 30 Minutes


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